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Web Design + Development


My latest work involved a complete rebuild of the website, McDonald's wanted a completely responsive build that would look and work well for desktop/tablet/mobile, the website was built mobile first, complete with touch swipes, responsive sliders/tables and an informative map.

Volkswagen newsletter

Web Design + Development


Volkswagen requested a website that was built for dealers, they needed to be able to login, upload and view their various marketing campaigns. The website had to be built to be iPad friendly and needed special considerations for touch control. I was responsible for the front-end development. Website was produced for Tribal DDB.

View the site here (requires a login, which I can provide): Volkswagen Dealer Newsletter

Open Doors

Web Design + Development


I worked with a team in creating a website for the McDonald's Open Doors Tour. I was responsible for the web design and front-end development. McDonald's wanted to give customers the opportunity to visit various stores around Australia and see how their food is made.

They wanted a site that could be easily viewed on desktop and on mobile, so I built it to be completely responsive. Users can enter in their address details and book a spot to visit their favourite McDonald's store. Website was produced for Tribal DDB.

As the site was open for a limited time to allow customers to book, i've created a static version to view how the responsive build works: Mc Donald's Open Doors

Volkswagen Mobile



Volkswagen came to Tribal DDB for a complete mobile build of their current website, the build had to work on various mobile devices and had to be fast, snappy and appealing. I was responsible for the front-end build. Work was produced for Tribal DDB.

Telstra Emails

Design + Development


I have been responsible for various design and development work for Telstra Emails. The briefs have been to constantly keep the emails bright, energetic and engaging.

A little about me

Hi, my name is Corey Dunkin, I am a Designer/Developer based in Sydney and this is my website. I enjoy building websites/webapps, illustration, photography, typhography and being creative in general. I've worked for clients such as McDonald's, Volkswagen, Telstra and Arnotts. In my spare time, when i’m not coding or designing, I like playing my bass guitar, playing video games or messing about in various designer/developer apps. LinkedIn +61 434 090 596